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About Us

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Our main desire is that our babies have good loving homes where they will be the only dog or with a small number of dogs, preferably not more than 3.

No puppy mills, please!


6 Years ago, we added a wonderful designer breed called Cavapoochons.  Cavapoochons are a beautiful combination of a lightly shedding Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Bichon, bred to a Miniature Poodle, to reinforce the non-shedding coat. Three top rated breeds for intelligence, child loving, and calm and sweet. These puppies have the best of EVERYTHING carefully combined into one wonderful lifelong companion! Cavapoochons are a 10-20 pound dog. They are popular for people with allergies as the have a non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat. 

We feel papillons are very very 1 on 1 dogs who adore and crave the attention of their owners and are less than complete without that!

We have shown dogs in the past and have high standards of quality for all of our dogs.! We recently finished our male papillon,"(Enzo)" "Silvermornings be My X Factor" and continued as we promised to pursue and aquire his GRAND CHAMPION title. Enzo is now a Grand Champion! See photos on our Papillon Page.

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Our Feeding


Basically, all kibble no matter how good it is or expensive it is is somewhat dead food. It is boiled to death , and though they claim no preservatives, it has them, otherwise it would have no shelf life. On a positive note , though, the boiling also kills harmfuul pathogens, such as Listeria, E Coli, etc. Here is how we balance our food so the dogs get live, fresh food daily and have some kibble also. This plan has given us extremely healthy moms, dads and puppies! Every day, morning and night, the adults get their highly rated kibble with freshly cooked chicken broth drizzled over it. A vet once told me chicken broth is FULL of electrolytes, and it has been a wonderful prevention  therapy for us, spending winters in Arizona. The chicken, hormone free and natural, is chopped and every bowl gets some, about 1/2 cup, and sometimes we cook lamb or beef. They get fresh steamed organic vegetables, soups, and stews also. Every day we also use Stella and Chewys frozen super patties, that contain raw meat and organ meats. In the wild, only the head dog gets the organ meats. This has been awesome! Shakespeare now 13, sired three litters at the same time as we were traveling home from Arizona this Spring! Every day every adult gets a chewable vitamin which also has made a healthy difference in their playfulness and happiness. Vaccines are necessary but kept minimal, and any necessary care has been holistic and preventative. Think they do that in a puppy mill?

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