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Application for Adoption

Terms and Conditions

Procedure /contract you will receive at pickup:

  • Deposit for puppy is $450. This is Payable via PayPal, and is necessary to be put on waitlist. It is half refundable if it becomes necessary to cancel due to health, and non refundable if you purchase puppy elsewhere.

  • Balance  is due in cash at pickup.

  • Buyers will receive group pictures and individual pictures at 2,4,6 weeks.

  • Buyers will choose their puppy anytime between 2.5-4.5 weeks and choice is given in order of deposit. If person in front of you opts to wait until 4.5 weeks, you will also have to wait.

  • You will receive a health guarantee, as follows:

    • Puppies will be thoroughly checked before leaving and vet will fill out a report of the things he checks, for you to take to your vet. Buyer will have 2 weeks to follow up with their vet. If their vet finds anything wrong, other than an injury or illness acquired AFTER the sale, buyer may return the puppy to the breeder and receive a full refund. Return is buyers expense. Must have findings on vet letterhead report. (We have never had any puppy returned. Vet checks everything thoroughly).

  • Buyer agrees to spay/neuter puppy at 6-8 mos. before active breeding age.

  • Puppy will be wormed , and have their first vaccine at pickup.

  • Razberry Meadows reserves the right to first female choice of any litter and to cancel any sale at anytime and return deposit. This is not likely to happen but if we feel puppy is not suitable or have reservations about buyer, we reserve the right to act in the best interest of our babies.

  • Papillons only: Pet puppies sold with spay neuter contract. AKC papers withheld until proof.  Full AKC will be given only to active show homes. 

Application for Adoption

By filling out and submitting this Application Form, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions listed to the left.

Are You Willing to Travel to Pick Up Puppy, or HIre A Dog Nanny?
Do You Have a Fenced In Yard?

To be considered for adoption, you must agree to each of the following terms by clicking the circle.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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