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Hypoallergenic & Non-Shedding

Why Cavapoochons?

You may wonder why a dedicated purebred papillon breeder would decide to breed a "designer dog"? The answer is one word, LOVE.  Thirteen years ago, we purchased an adorable poodle puppy we named Shakespeare.

Shakespeare turned out to be one of the best dogs we have ever owned. He is cuddly, calm, smart, eager to please, devoted, loyal, and non-confrontational. He is great with kids, cats, other dogs, and all people. We felt he should be a daddy and pass on his beautiful qualities. We did not want to dilute our purebred papillons, so we did some research and came upon an adorable teddy bear faced, Cavapoochon. Popular because they have a non-shedding coat and always a baby face, this designer breed is a beautiful, special combination of a low shedding Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel +Bichon) and a miniature poodle. Why a poodle? Cavachons should not be bred to Cavachons, or you will lose the non-shedding coat. Cavachon should not be bred to Bichon or you will get all white. Cavachon bred to poodle, reinforces the non-shedding hypoallergenic, silky, curly coat, and adds a beautiful color variety.  Thus, the Cavapoochon was created. Cavapoochon is not the same as just a Cavapoo.  Cavapoo is one shedding and one non-shedding dog.  Cavapoochon is one shedding and 2 non-shedding, the coat is silkier and softer from the Bichon side, so there usually is less kinky matting as Cavapoos. Some of our babies on Instagram are titled Cavapoo, but they are actually Cavapoochon. For example @kenziethecavapoo,one of our first babies, is a Cavapoochon.

If you would like a dog who is smart, playful, yet calm, never aggressive, cuddly, sweet, people loving, and smart, this dog is for you. They love children, and are perfect older people dogs because they are a quiet, attentive, loving, cuddly breed. They learn quickly , are smart, and are gentle on the leash. A beautiful breed!

Cavapoochon Dogs.jpg

Our Sires


Shakespeare-Cavapoochon Sire.jpg

Meet Shakespeare, our foundation sire/grandsire to all our female Cavapoochons. Shakespeare is a one in a million dog! He is loving, devoted, loyal, cuddly, laid back and non-confrontational, super smart, very obedient and the best dog we have ever owned!

We are so happy he gets to be a daddy and pass his beautiful beautiful disposition to his lovely babies! Shakespeare, at age 13, has had zero health issues or genetic weaknesses.


Zorro-Cavapoochon Sire.jpg

Meet Zorro! Shakes is getting up in age, but he's patiently teaching his adopted son, how this being a daddy happens! Zorro is very handsome, smart, and sweet, and  like Shakespeare, quite the snuggler. He is producing some gorgeous babies!


Cowboy-Cavapoochon Sire.jpeg

We added an AKC purebred dark, dark red poodle to our Cavapoochon breeding program, over a year ago.  He SUPER smart and loving.  Beautiful puppies. Cowboys babies literally watch TV!  Cowboy is the daddy of our current litter with Cavachon Aubrey.

Our Girls


Cavapoochoon Darling.jpg

Darling is Mom to Hero, Kenzie, Lincoln, Gracie, Henna and Sherlock. Darling is precious, sweet, and devoted.  She has an adorable face! This is her puppy picture and her babies have this sweet face.


Aubrey Cavapoochon Mom.jpg

Aubrey is a little taller, extremely cuddly. Puppies were small. Aubrey is Mom to Rubysox,  Chewypnewton, Baobao, Archie, Findley, Croissant, Romeo, Ace, and more. AUBREY IS MY BEST MOM. She LOVES being a mom!



Meadow is a Daisy/Shakes daughter. She is so loving and sweet, She has beautiful babies with Zorro!   


Henna Cavapoochon Mom.jpeg

Henna is the daughter of Shakespeare and Darling and is mommy's very special girl.  From a puppy on, her favorite sleeping spot is on mommy's hair.  Henna and Charlotte are sisters from litters 1 year apart.


Charlotte 3 (1).jpeg

Charlotte is the daughter of Shakespeare and Darling, and is the sister of @Kenziethecavapoo, who has 66k+ Instagram followers.



This is Mocha as a puppy, she is now a mommy to current darker puppies, but has had all colors, very unique and gorgeous. Nice heads and calm personality.



Daisy and her babies are very obedient, happy, eager to please, and the sweetest, never stubborn and always willing.  Her baby with Shakespeare is Meadow.



Annie is daughter of Shakespeare and Coco and is now a mommy too. Zoro and Annie have gorgeous babies together.


Haylee 2.jpeg

Haylee as a puppy and all grown up.  She is mom to Kringle, Joy, Hope, Love, Star, Merry, and Kash. Haylee is such a lovebug and a great mom.


Penelope .jpeg

Penelope is the daughter of Shakespeare and Darling and mom to little Kris, Faith, Cooper, and Brie. She has a very easy going disposition.  Her boyfriend is Zorro.

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